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Home Based ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy differs from other types of therapy in that it is intensive. For a child with autism who has not had ABA services before, it is not uncommon for them to receive 15-30 hours per week of treatment. 

Our team will conduct an assessment and collaborate with you to determine the most important treatment areas for your child. Once we have a plan, our skilled team will work 1:1 with your child in the home, teaching them necessary skills in play-based (extremely) fun daily sessions. 


We know that for those who have not encountered ABA before it can seem overwhelming. Know that you can ask our team anything and everything related to the treatment of your child. 

Here is a sample of the treatment areas we target in an ABA session: 

  • Behavior that poses a safety risk, gets in the way of learning, or makes it difficult to form friendships (Aggression, extreme tantrums, running away from teachers or caregivers). 

  • Communication Skills (Includes anything from simple communication skills to sophisticated social skills)

  • Daily living skills (Potty training, selective eating, sleep issues, etc.)

  • Play Skills

  • Anything else that will significantly improve the child's ability to get their needs met, make friends, or otherwise engage with their world. 


Do you think Santa Cruz ABA might be a good fit for you and your child?

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