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What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy in which behavioral principles are used to teach children how to better get what they want! The therapist will look at behaviors that will limit a child's ability to engage with others (e.g. tantrums, aggression, self-injury) and then teach the child alternative behaviors that serve the same purpose. The therapist will also use behavioral principles to help a child improve existing skills, or learn new ones! This could be anything from using words or sign language to communicate, tolerating a sudden change in routine, or learning how to make friends! 

What does Santa Cruz ABA offer?

  • A small, private practice where the emphasis is your child and your family.

  • A collaborative approach to ABA service delivery--treatment is a group effort in which we work together to find the best possible solutions for your child.

  • Interventions that effectively target meaningful areas of your child’s life: communication, daily living skills (toilet training, feeding issues/picky eating, grooming), play and leisure, social skills, and more!

  • Funding is available through a variety of health insurance plans--We are currently an "in-network" provider for Central California Alliance for Health (administered by Beacon) and Aetna. We work as an "out-of-network" provider for other health plans. Don't worry, we will work to secure payment and handle billing your insurance even for out-of-network funding. 


I started this small practice in Santa Cruz County to offer a local, individualized option to families who were looking for personalized ABA treatment. My team and I are committed to providing practical, compassionate, and effective behavioral therapy and consultation to help children with special needs and their families live a richer, fuller life.

— Aaron Palmer, M.A., BCBA

Aaron Palmer is a board certified behavior analyst who has worked with children with autism and related conditions for over a decade. He has designed and implemented effective behavioral interventions for children in the home, community, school, and clinic settings. His areas of expertise include communication, severe problem behavior, daily living skills (sleep, selective eating, grooming, etc.), play skills, and socialization. He lives in Watsonville, CA with his wife and four children. 

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Do you think Santa Cruz ABA might be a good fit for you and your child?

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